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Why Franchise With Skedaddle?

The #1 Critter Control Franchise

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Can you make money owning a franchise?

Critter control and removal is an industry that will always have a place in urban residential areas. With this need comes an opportunity for growth and success for entrepreneurs. A lucrative career starts with a critter control franchise like Skedaddle.

While there are plenty of critter control franchise opportunities out there, Skedaddle is America’s No. 1 critter and pest control franchise! The reasons to franchise with Skedaddle are endless.

Let’s take a look at common franchising questions and why Skedaddle might be the right opportunity for you! 

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Can you make money owning a critter control franchise?

Let’s start with the idea of franchising. Franchising is an alternative method of self-employment. While starting your own business, in whatever industry, can prove to be highly successful, it comes with its own set of risks that are not present when you franchise. 

Franchising allows entrepreneurs to reap all of the benefits of self-employment while ditching the risks associated with it. The benefits with Skedaddle include low investment costs, corporate support, training, education and scalability. 

Skedaddle is a critter control franchise and industry leader in humane wildlife control. Our Franchise Owners see great success all while protecting wildlife, homes and bettering their communities! Can you make money owning a franchise? With Skedaddle, the answer is yes! There is plenty of money to be made when you franchise.

Our business model

Skedaddle, has a very simple and easy, streamlined business model that allows our Franchise Owners to reap all the benefits of franchising while building their own legacy and success. 

You probably have questions about us, like what sort of training Franchise Owners receive and what sort of support is provided for day-to-day operations. Let’s address our business mode and—hopefully—answer some of your questions.

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A Humane Approach

Skedaddle prides itself on our human approach to critter and pest control. We never use traps or kill animals. Our approach is focused on sealing homes and preventing repeat incidents of pests/critters getting in.

Year Round critter and pest control franchise

Year-Round Business

While humane wildlife removal is the main source of revenue, Skedaddle lends itself nicely to other year-round services like pest control. You’ll have multiple streams of revenue as a Franchise Owner.

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Ongoing Training

Skedaddle welcomes you as a Franchise Owner, whether you have the experience or not. We offer Franchise Owners the training they need to best operate and run their business. Whether you’ve handled hundreds of critters or have never even touched one, Skedaddle can prepare you for being successful in the humane wildlife industry.

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Semi-Absentee Setup

Taking part in this lucrative investment doesn’t mean you have to be hands-on when it comes to wildlife removal. If you don’t love the idea of handling wildlife, that’s not a problem. As a critter control Franchise Owner, you have the option to hire a trusted manager for your Skedaddle while you focus on growing the business.

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Minimal Competition

Skedaddle is a franchise focused on humane wildlife control. With the growing concern for animal well-being, Skedaddle is set apart from other businesses  that operate as exterminators. This allows you as a Franchise Owner to experience little-to-no competition.

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Corporate Support

When you’re self-employed, you’re essentially on your own. But with Skedaddle, the corporate team is here to help all Franchise Owners from the very beginning. You’ll receive constant updates on industry trends, changing business practices and even continued education on how to best handle critter removal. Skedaddle has the tools and experience to best set its Franchise Owners up for continued success.

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Ease In Scalability

No brick-and-mortar space is required when you’re a Skedaddle Franchise Owner. Due to low investment fees and low overhead costs, you can scale from a one van business to a fleet of 10+ easily!

Wildlife control: One of the top low-cost franchises

Skedaddle is a growing critter control franchise that sees some of the lowest costs in investment and franchise fees. But that’s not all: The wildlife and pest control industry brings in $17.4 billion a year and is projected to be worth $454.6 billion by 2023.  

Skedaddle Franchise Owners can expect low investment costs as well. The typical range for a Skedaddle investment can be anywhere from $89,000 to $132,600. That’s not bad when you consider that the average Skedaddle Franchise Owner has $154,772 in average gross sales. This is just a part of what makes us one of the top low-cost franchises!

Franchising with Skedaddle's critter control franchise means low start-up costs.

Come and Skedaddle!

Let’s team up and grow the Skedaddle brand, all while helping critters be happy, healthy and safe! Skedaddle wants entrepreneurs who are growth-minded individuals that will make great owners of this critter control franchise.

Being customer service-oriented is also key, but what we look for most is the enthusiastic attitude that makes Skedaddle the best critter control franchise out there!

Ready to scurry away from the 9-to-5? Come learn more about Skedaddle and what a franchising opportunity can bring you and your career!

Ready to start your Skedaddle empire?


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