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The Wildlife Control Industry

humane wildlife control franchise

Wildlife control is something most homeowners hope they never have to deal with, but with the growing urban population across the country, demand for wildlife control is becoming more frequent.  

Skedaddle was founded in 1989 to provide homeowners with a humane solution to wildlife conflicts. Our wildlife control franchise has decades of experience with handling critters of all sorts and providing the services to ensure that wildlife can’t ever enter the home again.

The wildlife and animal control industry provides an important service to families everywhere, but is also critical for ensuring animals are relocated and removed safely. A wildlife control franchise like Skedaddle is a great opportunity for those looking to help both animals and families everywhere stay safe.

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Wildlife control may sound a bit, well, wild — but it’s an industry that thrives in more than just country or rural areas. 

Suburban and urban areas still have a need for wildlife and critter control. In fact, the raccoon population has seen enormous growth in recent decades and is now most prevalent in suburban areas. No matter where you’re located, humane animal control is a vital service and part of a thriving community. 

Whether it’s squirrels, raccoons, skunks, groundhogs or deer, wildlife is becoming more common in populated areas. These creatures can become a nuisance by digging through trash, eating food that’s been left outside, and even doing damage to structures. 

As the number of animals in urban areas increases, so does the need for control. Today, people are especially interested in humane control services, like those offered by Skedaddle

Investing in a wildlife control franchise is a smart move not just for the franchise owner, but for the community they serve. Humane services like ours keep homeowners and properties safe, while still protecting our animal friends.

Skedaddle Wildlife Control franchise owner.

Opening A Skedaddle Franchise

While there are many ways to start a business, opening a Skedaddle franchise incorrectly could cost you down the road. To operate within the industry correctly, a business owner needs more than just a love of critters. Education, licensing and a scalable business model are all important components. 


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Wildlife control isn’t as simple as capturing a creature and setting them free. The type of animal, its likes and dislikes, habits and temperament, and its natural habitat are all important factors to consider. Skedaddle’s training program teaches Owners everything they need to know about the wildlife control industry. 

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When considering opening a wildlife control business, an owner needs to become familiar with local laws and guidelines surrounding animal capture and control. The state or provincial game commission is responsible for regulating wildlife and can provide information on laws concerning relocation or euthanization (in cases of rabies or other wildlife diseases). 

Business owners also need to learn about business licensing in their area. If you choose to run the business from your home, for example, you’ll likely need a special business license, too.

Skedaddle wildlife control franchise business knowledge.


Every successful business needs a smart model. It should be straightforward and easily scalable to adjust for growth and other changes. A clear understanding of the product and how a profit is made is also essential. 

When it comes to animal control, Skedaddle stands out. Not only are we well-known and respected in the wildlife control industry, but we’ve made headlines as a great business, too. 

We understand the goal isn’t to get entirely rid of wildlife in urban areas, it’s to make homes safe and impenetrable while humanely removing any critters that do cause some trouble.


Watch Bill Dowd explain why there is such a huge demand for wildlife control all around Canada and the United States!

Franchise opportunities in animal control and wildlife management

Opening a Skedaddle franchise is not only an excellent way to get into the industry, but it also offers an opportunity to serve the community by keeping homes — and nuisance wildlife — safe.

Skedaddle is a franchise opportunity in the animal control and wildlife management industry that stands out. The Skedaddle difference sets us apart from other businesses in the industry, and as a fantastic overall business. 


Skedaddle is a national leader in the wildlife control franchise space.

Established, Nationally Recognized Leader 

Known as an industry leader, our wildlife experts often appear on TV to provide expertise across North America.

Skedaddle offers a lifetime guarantee through its wildlife control franchise.

Dedication To Service & A Lifetime Guarantee 

We promise quality and are confident in our service and workmanship. It’s an easy choice for customers and a successful business for owners.

Skedaddle Wildlife Control franchise has a deep understanding of wildlife and how to deal with it humanely.

Understanding Of Wildlife

Some of our competitors seek to completely rid populated areas of critters. We know that’s unrealistic — it’s better to have a harmonious relationship with nature rather than try to force it out. Instead, we focus on making family homes wildlife-proof and humanely, safely removing any animal friends that do get on the premises.

Franchising in this growing industry abounds with opportunity. Not only is it a service needed most everywhere, but it’s a business that offers growth and success for owners. Skedaddle appeals to the growing number of individuals who want to keep their homes wildlife free and protected, but don’t believe in using more violent methods to do so. We never use traps or kill wildlife, and focus on reinforcing homes to withstand wildlife. 

IS There Profit in animal control?

A nationwide increase in wild animal issues has spurred great growth in the wildlife control industry. With raccoons, woodchucks and skunks becoming more frequently encountered, many general pest control businesses have tried to take advantage of wildlife control demand, while we’ve been focused on it for decades and have a clear advantage.

While there is significant money to be made with a franchise like Skedaddle, it’s a job that often can’t just be tacked on as an extra service. A typical day can be unpredictable and bring about very real challenges typical pest control doesn’t. People tend to respond more emotionally to animals and don’t often want to see them hurt or injured. 

A humane service such as Skedaddle has been a successful business for years thanks to our safe and trap-free approach. There aren’t many companies that focus on wildlife control, and even fewer that take a humane approach. That’s why our business has been continually successful and sought after by customers. 

Additionally, with a low overhead and low initial investment, Skedaddle has excellent profit potential. 

Bill Dowd, the founder of Skedaddle Wildlife Control franchise.

Benefits Of A Skedaddle Franchise

Skedaddle saw the potential and need for a humane wildlife management service early on. Since then, our owners have come to see the benefits of having a Skedaddle franchise, including: 

  • Profit potential
  • Very little competition
  • Semi-absentee opportunity 
  • Generate revenue year-round 
  • Easy to scale 

Wildlife control is an industry that will always be needed. While traps and bait have always been a way to try and rid your home of unwanted critters, that’s not the only way — and it’s not what people always want. Humane wildlife control offered by Skedaddle benefits both families and their properties but keeps the animals in mind, too. We don’t separate families or remove wildlife from their natural environments. 

Our business model is easy to set up, offers great potential for growth and profit, and benefits the entire community. What more could you ask for? 

If you’re interested in learning more about opening a Skedaddle operation in your area, contact us today for more information! 

Skedaddle Wildlife Control franchise offers all of the benefits of self employment, with almost none of the drawbacks.
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