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Why Our Humane  Approach Makes Us Stand Out

As wildlife populations grow in urban areas, demand for the services Skedaddle provides grow as well!

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Humane wildlife control is always in demand — even more so as both urban and wildlife populations continue to grow.

Customers want the peace of mind of knowing that the animals in their home aren’t trapped or killed — but they also want to be sure the animals won’t be back!


We will never be able to “fix” the problem of animals living in urban enviornments.

  • There are anywhere from 15-50 raccoons per square mile in the city.
  • Raccoons love trash, living in our attics, chimneys and under decks. They are the perfect urban animal!
  • Populations continue to grow.
  • Pigeons live on high-up ledges; buildings are suitable substitutes.
Little Competition

We never use bait or traps to remove animals.

  • We use hands-on removal, no traps.
  • We physically take babies out of the home and reunite them with their mother. 
  • Our proprietary baby box keeps babies warm and safe until their mother can get them and take them to one of her 7-10 alternative den sites within a 2-block radius.
attic restoration franchise

We focus on reinforcing customer homes so the wildlife can never re-enter.

  • After 30+ years in business, we’re confident enough to give a lifetime guarantee.
  • We don’t relocate animals away from the urban setting where they were found. 
  • Animals will find dens in other homes (but not the ones we’ve reinforced)! Animals will spend more time in their alternative den sites in the neighborhood.


  • Other companies focus on capturing animals through inhumane snap traps, live traps and bait 
  • There is no regard for keeping mothers and babies together
  • The animals that are captured are often killed
  • Animals are often relocated to locations where they are susceptible to being killed by other wildlife 
We keep families together and don’t relocate to rural areas
  • Babies are completely dependent on their mothers
  • 70% of relocated animals die 
  • Animals can be territorial — releasing them into other areas could lead them to be attacked and killed

See how the reunion baby box works:

Ready for the join the cause for Humane Wildlife Sustainability?


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