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Why Franchise?

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What Is A Franchise?

Generally speaking, a franchise is an agreement by which one party (Franchise Owner) purchases another party's rights and obligations to use a given brand name, process, or market a product or service. For example, McDonald's is a popular, well-known American hamburger chain; however, McDonald's International, or McDonald's Europe, is a more private, less known brand.

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Joint Venture Possibilities

Yet another benefit of franchises is that it often allows Franchise Owners to purchase or enter into various joint venture agreements. These types of arrangements can be beneficial for small businesses, especially those who are still relatively young and have not yet been able to establish their name in an area.
Joint venture agreements can allow a new business to purchase merchandise or services from another company that is larger than its own. In exchange, the new partner will offer its own staff, warehouses, technology and other resources to help the business succeed. In return, the partner receives a cut of the profits, which can be relatively substantial and helpful to new ventures.

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Less Expensive Than Starting From Scratch

Owning a franchise is almost always guaranteed to be less expensive than starting your own business from scratch. The reason is that franchises already have established their brand in the local market, meaning that competition for their market share is limited. Thus making them less costly to invest in as compared to starting a new business from scratch. This is also why franchise companies offer attractive financing options such as lease payments and lines of credit to new franchisees to help finance the startup costs.

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Loyal Customers And Supporters

The next, and perhaps most important, benefit of franchising is that it offers Franchise Owners a way to build their brand name and create a local community of loyal consumers and supporters. In today’s modern world, many people simply do not have the time or desire to spend hours driving around neighborhoods and shopping for a product or service they need, especially if that product or service is one they’ve never tried before.

Franchises like our home services franchise offer Franchise Owners the opportunity to build a name for themselves in the area they live; something they’ve always dreamt about while also being able to enjoy all the benefits of working for a particular brand. 

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Financial Security

For a new Franchise Owner, the first and most obvious benefit of owning a franchise is financial security. Owning a franchised outlet means that you are buying into a brand that has a recognizable name and is recognized by most consumers. In addition, you get the benefit of a long history of success.

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Other Considerations

There are many other benefits of franchises, but the above are some of the most common. In addition, there are some disadvantages as well. For example, some franchises can require significant investments from the parent company to open the doors, so these types of businesses can be a bit risky. In addition, many franchises are expensive to start up and can take a long time to generate enough income to pay off. With Skedaddle, our franchise offers a sound investment that requires a low startup costs, a scalable business plan and high potential profits.

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In addition, because large companies run franchises with local offices to provide support daily, it is straightforward for franchisees to get advice and tips on successfully running a business that is part of a more prominent brand. In this way, franchises offer franchisees a chance to learn from the successes and failures of other franchisees while gaining the knowledge and support of an already established brand.

Should I join a franchise?

“Should I join a franchise?” This is a question that many people seriously ask themselves after having decided to start a business. Before opening your doors to customers and delivery clients, you need to make sure that you make the best decision for your business. The decision of whether or not to join a franchise should be weighed carefully.

The only one who can determine if you should open a franchise is you and your family. A franchise may not be for everyone, and owning your own business takes constant devotion. You will no longer have a boss to handle the issues. That is a benefit, but it can also be a concern. A franchise, however, is better than going it alone because there is likely significant support for franchisees.

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How much does it cost to own a franchise?

The cost of owning a franchise ranges dramatically. Some franchises only require Franchise Owners to foot an initial fee ranging from $100,000 to over a million dollars. Then, the yearly licensing fees are often based on how much profit your franchise location brings in each month. There can also be expenses depending on what type of franchise you have and what region it is located in. Opposed to these more expensive franchise opportunities, Skedaddle offers one of the lowest starting investments at just $89,000. All of these things need to be considered when you decide if owning a franchise is right for you.

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What is the best home services franchise?

Animal-based franchises are on the rise. One such franchise that offers home services for humane pest removal is Skedaddle. With branches across North America, Skedaddle is the leader in humane wildlife control! Over $154,772 was recorded as profit for Skedaddle franchisees last year! We offer humane wildlife removal and pest control — a service needed everywhere, not just in rural areas.

When you choose a home services franchise, you should focus on one that has minimal competition in your area. Most areas still lack pest removal services, and those that do are likely not trained in humane pest removal. Additionally, our franchise remains lucrative all year long.

Another priority when choosing a franchise is how much support is there? Skedaddle offers seven days a week support, comprehensive training, digital marketing, events and promos, and local partnerships.

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Franchising WIth Skedaddle?

In general the benefits of franchising far outweigh the risks, especially for young people who are looking to start their businesses. The costs of starting a new business from scratch are prohibitive, especially if you don’t have much money to invest. Thankfully, many franchises offer an appealing model for young people who want to establish their success, without all the risks that can prove overwhelming for the inexperienced. Whether you decide to buy a franchise or start your own, you will reap many different benefits and little downside.

If you’re looking for a sound investment in a market that is always in demand and growing, Skedaddle may be the choice for you.

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