Trap Animals, Not Yourself: Owning a Skedaddle Franchise!

Becoming an entrepreneur is a lifelong dream for some, but how do you accomplish such a feat alone? Usually, beginners who try to do everything on their own end up failing because they never start with the right support system. Indeed, startup capital is only the start of the journey. That’s why going the franchise route is preferable when you’re unsure what you need to succeed.

The good news is that we can help you get it all in order since our humane pest control franchise has a proven business model and training program that both work well. Focus on trapping animals, not trapping yourself in a job that doesn’t fulfill your aspirations. Indeed, many of our most successful franchise owners joined the Skedaddle family for precisely such an opportunity to be their own boss. Here’s what else we do to support Franchise Owners and provide them with everything they need to succeed.

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Why become a Franchise Owner?

Franchise owners benefit in many ways, aside from more freedom on the job. First, you don’t necessarily have to build a brand from the bottom up because you can “piggyback” on a franchise’s success. Building a brand takes time, so when you open up a new franchise, you don’t have to make significant investments in sales and marketing to get the business up and running.

We also already have the technology infrastructure to give you access to capabilities that would be costly to develop independently. For instance, we found a solution to the problem of missing out on opportunities for new clients simply because you can’t answer the phone fast enough. We have a centralized call center instead, which you wouldn’t be able to build quickly. Not only that, but the training process gives Franchise Owners a great head start. So, after the initial training period for new owner-operators, you’ll have more flexibility in how you choose to operate your business. You can even transition into an absentee role if you want.

Training Process

You’ll begin by working with our business development team to train you on humane pest control and all the many value propositions behind Skedaddle’s services. We don’t just kill animals outright, no matter how big of a nuisance they might be. That’s a great alternative to the regular pest control services that only seek to exterminate animals without protecting and sealing the property afterward.

We’ll instruct you on the ins and outs of the humane wildlife control trade, especially how to write up contracts and take payments. Whereas other franchise business opportunities don’t have much of a training program, we go the other direction at Skedaddle and offer substantial support from the beginning. We can also line up local partnerships with organizations like the SPCA or position you as a fixture in the community.

After all, Skedaddle is a unique company, and when locals see the Skedaddle vans driving around, they’re going to be curious. The last thing we want is for you to be a victim of your own success, so our training program shows you how to scale a business from the ground up. That’s a significant difference between us and other franchise business opportunities. We can show you how to keep growing the industry for years. Still, why choose Skedaddle over other franchise opportunities?

Low investment and overhead costs

Considering the low financial investment and overhead costs, it costs less to open a Skedaddle franchise. You don’t even have to build a brick-and-mortar location if you choose to be a home-based operation. Our home protection business model is flexible enough to go both ways, but we can recommend best practices if you feel more comfortable with a physical location.

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Best of all, you won’t have to cut corners on costs and sacrifice customer service to keep the business profitable. Without a doubt, out-of-control costs can derail a fledgling business faster than you might assume, especially at this time when every company is focused on lowering operating costs. Since our business model is incredibly efficient, you won’t have to make the tough choices if you own a Skedaddle franchise. The next question is: how much does it cost to start?
Ultimately, you can benefit from working with us in many ways, including our owner-operator training that prepares you for the journey ahead. For more information, visit our franchise website to explore the skedaddle opportunity.