Skedaddle Pest Control Franchise: We are Growing & Growing

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Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is a leading home protection franchise that has been expanding its services across the United States. We’ve been in operation since 1989 and have gained a reputation for providing safe and humane wildlife removal services.

Our mission is to protect people and wildlife by providing adequate and sustainable solutions for wildlife intrusion conflicts. We specialize in removing wildlife such as bats, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, and birds in a humane manner that ensures the animals are not harmed during the process.

The wildlife franchise brand has been multiplying in recent years, expanding its services to various locations in the United States. This expansion has been made possible by our commitment to quality service, innovative techniques, and dedication to providing sustainable wildlife removal solutions.

Skedaddle’s expansion has been beneficial to both wildlife and people. With the increase in urbanization, wildlife has had to adapt to new environments, resulting in increased conflicts with humans. Our humane removal techniques and preventative measures have helped reduce conflicts between wildlife and humans, thereby ensuring their safety.

Why DIY Wildlife Removal Techniques Can Do More Harm Than Good

As tempting as it might be, there are better ideas than do-it-yourself animal removal and prevention techniques, especially if you have ZERO experience in said fields. 

Urban wildlife can be entertaining from afar. Once they move into your home, they become much more annoying. Sometimes homeowners try to save money by doing their own wildlife removal and control, but this can be very dangerous and often ineffective. Doing the work yourself can lead to even more problems and additional costs in the future. Let the experts at Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control Franchise handle your wildlife infestation professionally to keep you and your family safe and your home pest free.

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For one, critters have teeth. Animal bites are a serious threat to wildlife if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s not just the wound that may need stitches — wild animals carry diseases and parasites that can make people very sick. A raccoon carries rabies. Squirrels can have a ring or pestle. Mice and rats carry bacteria that can also make people sick.

Animal waste is also a hazard if mishandled. Both urine-soaked materials and fecal waste can carry bacteria that can make you, your family, and your pets very sick. This waste can also damage your home, ruin insulation, and cause structural damage over time. Animal Control Professionals know how to use the right tools to clean and sanitize the area.

Another problem with wildlife removal or control is using poisons to kill wildlife. When animals die in your home, you can be left with a terrible smell and mess. In addition, you may be putting yourself or your pet’s health at risk, leading to even more problems. Not to mention that killing wild animals may be illegal in your area and inhumane to the animals. While it is best to humanely remove wild animals from your home and release them to where they belong, trapping wild animals can be dangerous for non-professionals.

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Legal Problems

The removal of wild animals can also lead to legal problems. You can’t always just capture animals and release them into the wild without a permit. Bats are a protected species, which means you can’t intentionally kill them, although they can be freeloaders in your home. The specific laws governing wildlife capture vary from place to place, which is another good reason to leave humane wildlife removal to professionals.

Leave It to Us, Please

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control technicians know how to remove wildlife without causing injury or property damage. They have the safety equipment and training to protect your home and family. DIY animal control is dangerous, stressful, and ineffective. Removing and excluding wild animals from your home can be challenging. You need to know how to identify problem areas and solve them effectively.

Proud of our Industry Partnerships

Aside from providing humane wildlife removal industry-leading services to our customers, we’ve been lucky to establish healthy partnerships with some of the best SPCAs and humane societies.

Our humane approach and education/awareness of local SPCAs will help minimize urban wildlife conflict and improve the relationship between humans and animals in our backyards.

Some of the local organizations we work with include:

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