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We’ve been so fortunate to have conversations with some of the most reliable experts in the franchising world, and this week is no different. We were joined by Vice President of Development Brian Knuth and Development Manager Tyler Woodard to take over Skedaddle’s humane wildlife services blog, answering questions and discussing the ins and outs of Prospective Franchise Ownership.

Suppose you’re an animal lover, wild animals to be specific, and care about how they are relocated. In that case, there’s no better franchise brand to invest in financially than Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. But you probably have a few questions before you invest in yourself and your future — you’re not alone.

Everyone comes into this process with a laundry list of questions for a good reason. This isn’t an easy decision. It involves many moving parts, including proper financing, selection of location, whether or not your area needs the services you want to provide, opening a business during a recession, and a host of others.

But that’s where we, the people of Raintree Franchise Growth, like Brian and Tyler, come in. They help take the guesswork out of the process and set the path toward a successful, financially rewarding new chapter. Using our expertly-crafted humane wildlife removal business model, the odds turn in your favor when betting on yourself.

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control seems like an odd choice for a franchise. However, Skedaddle’s record speaks for itself, having been in business since 1989 with over 20 successful wildlife control business locations stretched across Canada and the Midwest of the United States, and the company’s commitment to humane and green pest control practices. Plus, it’s a rewarding feeling to make a positive difference in the lives of pesky woodland critters that find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When it comes to franchising, there are no ‘silly’ questions to be asked. From simple questions about where to put the front desk to more complicated ones about bank loans and financing, we’re here to help with everything. Buying a Franchise will undoubtedly be one of the most important investments you make, so we wish to answer any questions you may have.

Is this a good fit for you? Yeah, we think so too.

Follow along below with Brian and Tyler as they answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Skedaddle’s humane wildlife removal franchise.

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With volatile markets, an economic downturn, and a possible recession soon, why is it an excellent time to invest financially in a Skedaddle home protection franchise?

Brian: Wildlife doesn’t care about the rise and fall of the stock market. Critters will continue to wreak havoc on people’s properties, so our work doesn’t slow down with the economy.

Can I use my 401(k) funds to invest in a pest control franchise?

Brian: Yes! This is one of the most popular ways our other franchise owners have funded their businesses. The program people use is called Rollovers as Business Start-ups (ROBS). When you start the Franchise Discovery Process, we can discuss available funding options that best suit your needs and introduce you to potential financial lenders.

I’d like to invest in a Skedaddle humane wildlife control franchise, but I’m not crazy about wrangling wildlife. Is that okay?

Brian: Just because you’re a wildlife control company franchise owner doesn’t mean you need to climb into an attic and trap a raccoon. Our proprietary methods focus on exclusionary measures that we apply to the property. We’re a property protection company. These exclusionary devices and one-way doors allow the animal to leave at its own will, and when it comes back, the doors locked, it can’t get in. So, in short, we’re not Crocodile Hunter wrestling wild animals.

How often do wildlife removal franchise owners handle the animals?

Tyler: These days, our most successful franchise owners and producers never touch animals. They’re focused on running and growing the business, managing their teammates, and providing them with the tools they need to go out and complete these wildlife control jobs. Tisha Hicks is not climbing ladders and touching animals. She’s running her humane wildlife and pest control business.

I’ve noticed that Skedaddle also does holiday lighting installations. Is that because the wildlife removal business is seasonal?

Brian: No, the wildlife control business is not seasonal. We’ve just found a tremendous opportunity for income from professional holiday decorations. More importantly, it creates energy amongst our associates and breaks up the day-to-day monotony. The team members love and take pride in the installation and the imagery that happens when they bring a client’s house to life. It puts some wind in the sale of your team, who’s been doing the same thing every day. It’s great to break it up and do something different every once in a while.

What’s the ramp time on this humane wildlife control business opportunity?

Brian: As you read this sentence, raccoons are breaking into attics. The work is there. Turn on your Marketing. And get after it.

What do I get from the franchise fee?

Brian: It’s the fee to join the club. The franchise fee gives you access to all the great people who have built your humane wildlife removal franchise. You’ll have access to the business model. And then access to distribution, the setup, and the people that have established the wildlife control business for a couple of decades, working closely with them, having them train you, and showing you how to do it successfully.

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What is the overall customer experience?

Brian: When we engage with customers, they are fed up. They’re disgusted, annoyed, and probably didn’t sleep the previous night. So, this is not a back-and-forth debate on pricing. They want it gone, whether it’s husband, wife, or whoever. Something is on their wall, and it needs to go. When people have a critter in or near their house, even if they think it’s cute, they want it gone as soon as possible.

Will the Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control corporate team help me find and open my franchise location?

Tyler: For sure! We have third-party industry experts that will help you find a location, negotiate the lease, and submit your letter of intent through the construction and build-out of your animal control business.

I have a few locations in mind already. Can I use these?

Tyler: Our team can provide feedback on any pest control franchise locations you have in mind and if they may be a good fit. We ask that you keep an open mind to all options in your market to find the best fit.


Thank you for your questions, and don’t hesitate to send us many more! One of our biggest priorities is to provide as much information to prospective franchise owners as possible before they make a life-changing decision.

If you don’t see anything covered above but would like to, visit our wildlife control website and schedule a call for a one-on-one consultation. We’d love to hear from you!