We Know You Didn’t Dream Of Owning A Wildlife Removal Franchise, BUT We Just Might Check Every Box You Are Looking For

At Skedaddle home services franchise, our mission is to provide customers with unparalleled peace of mind when it comes to protecting their most valuable asset — their homes. We accomplish this by specializing in the construction and installation of permanent wildlife and pest protection solutions. When people hear the term “wildlife,” they often envision creatures ranging from alligators to deer. However, the wildlife we primarily deal with are those that pose a threat to homes on a regular basis — rats, mice, squirrels, bats, raccoons, and birds. These animals often find their way into houses, causing damage and distress for homeowners.

Our entire franchise business model revolves around the humane removal of these animals, accompanied by the sealing of entry holes and offering a lifetime guarantee that the animals won’t reenter the premises. By focusing on humane wildlife removal practices, we prioritize the well-being of both the homeowners and the animals themselves.

Contrary to what one might assume, we are not exclusively seeking animal lovers to join our wildlife control and home protection franchise. In fact, we are looking for individuals with sales and management experience who understand the high demand and profitability associated with this line of work. So, if owning a home protection company specializing in animal removal wasn’t on your radar before, we completely understand. However, we have a few compelling reasons that might make you reconsider before you dismiss this franchise business opportunity.

Low Investment Opportunity 

Whether Skedaddle is the first franchise you are looking to own, or you are looking to grow your portfolio, and we fit in well with your other businesses, one key advantage is that we are a low-risk franchise business opportunity. Unlike large brick-and-mortar franchises that can cost north of $1,000,000, the financial investment range for our franchise brand starts at only $89,600. 

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Included in the $89,600 is your initial franchise fee, equipment, initial inventory, startup marketing, and three months of working capital to ensure your success with our home protection franchise brand. Our low financial investment means that if you are looking for a faster return on investment, or to purchase multiple franchise territories and grow an empire, both can be easily accomplished with a Skedaddle home services franchise. 

Outstanding Revenue Potential

The demand for our type of home protection services is overwhelming! Don’t believe us? Ask anyone you know about an animal encounter in their home, everyone will have some story to tell, whether it is about mice, raccoons, bats, or any other critters we regularly deal with. Every home has vulnerable areas that allow for animals to easily enter, and as we continue to expand neighborhoods across the country, animal encounters are happening more frequently.

Since this is such an in-demand industry, with minimal competition, our Franchise Owners are primed for financial success.

For example, our current franchisee running in Milwaukee, WI who did not come from a home-service or sales background, generated $1,098,479 in Gross Sales with a Gross Profit of $220,701 in 2022! And to highlight the business growth opportunities, he saw a 30% sales increase from 2021 to 2022 as he started to get the word of his Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control more prominently out there.

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This home services franchise owner has been a huge success story for us and is now planning to continue expanding his Skedaddle empire and ultimately purchase the entire state of Wisconsin! Again, he had no experience in the home protection industry but was willing to take the leap, understanding how high the demand for our services was in his area.

Semi-Absentee Friendly 

After learning about how lucrative our home protection franchise business opportunity is, the next question we are most often asked is, “Do I have to handle the animals myself?” We get it, coming from a white-collar corporate role as most of our franchisees have, the idea of getting dirty and moving animals around all day doesn’t sound very appealing. This is why you certainly don’t have to take on that role in the business! 

If you are looking to get in on this essential and needs-based home service but don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can hire a salesperson and technicians to complete the light construction of sealing the entry holes, interacting with customers, and overseeing the day-to-day. Also, by utilizing our proprietary one-way door technology, most animals leave the dwelling on their own and are unable to return. This means that more often than not, after installing the door, there won’t be any animals present for you or your employees to handle.

Minimal Competition

As a savvy business person and potential entrepreneur, we’re sure you understand that the best businesses fill an important need in the community, but don’t come up against a ton of competition. Which is exactly what we offer at Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. As we mentioned before, the need for our home protection services is insane! In fact, our corporate call center (more on that to come below) receives 500–600 calls per day from customers looking for wildlife removal services. Yet, there are no national competitors in the humane wildlife removal space. 

While there are many mom-and-pop trappers doing this type of work all across the United States, we are the only nationally recognized and professional humane wildlife removal company. Everything from our website, vehicles, and staff screams professional, and when you are going up against some questionable trappers (one told a customer he planned to eat the squirrel he caught in their home!) we win the job every time.

Recession & Pandemic Resistant

As a business that has been around since 1989, we have never found ourselves negatively impacted by a recession or even the 2020 global pandemic. The advantage of joining a wildlife control franchise is that animal encounters happen no matter what is going on with the economy, and they are usually problems homeowners won’t deal with themselves. Also, when there is an issue with an animal, it needs to be addressed right away; we are a needs-based service, not something based on a luxury want.  

Home-Based & Scalable

Part of the reason our financial investment is so low (and our revenues so high!) is that we do not require a physical space to run the pest control franchise. Franchisees can run a successful Skedaddle out of their own homes until there are enough employees and trucks on the road to justify obtaining a small warehouse space. Because we are home-based, we are extremely easy to scale. As you start building your wildlife control empire, all you need to do is add those additional employees and trucks. Purchasing additional territory’s to move into is a breeze!

Corporate Call Center Provided

Answering calls and interacting with customers is critical in all businesses, but it often does cut into true revenue-generating time, which is why at Skedaddle, we have a call center that does all the scheduling, fielding calls, and appointment reminders for our home protection franchisees. The intent here is to let you focus on closing sales, marketing your business, and interacting with customers to gain referrals, not looking at a calendar all day.

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Multiple Revenue Streams

The focus of your business from the beginning will be humane wildlife removal, as that is the most lucrative of our revenue streams, but franchisees also have the opportunity to add pest control, attic restoration, and holiday lighting to their business. These additional revenue streams work symbiotically with wildlife removal:

Pest Control

We use a non-toxic pest control solution that is in line with our view on humane wildlife removal. The advantage of pest control is that it tends to be recurring revenue, as spraying happens every few months.

Attic Restoration

Often animals are living in a home’s attic and over time destroy the installation. As a franchise owner, you can offer the service of not only removing the animal and sealing the entry holes but also restoring the attic back to how it was prior to the animal invasion.

Holiday Lighting

Franchisees already have the employees and the ladders, so to keep themselves busy year-round, and ensure they don’t lose any staff during the slower animal months, holiday lighting is a great revenue stream. Holiday lighting is also extremely lucrative, as Skedaddle franchise owners only do projects that are $2,000 and above.

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Now, you might start to understand that even though you never thought about owning a wildlife removal franchise, Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control could check all the boxes you are looking for in a business venture. With a proven and successful system and incredible Franchise Owner support, we are looking for professionals who understand and appreciate all of our business features above. Again, there is no need to have a service background or to be passionate about animals. Instead, all you need to know is that the demand is there in your community and if you want to, you can capture that market share.

Get started with Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control today!

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