Your Guide to Owning a Multi-Unit Pest Control Franchise With Skedaddle

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One of the most significant benefits of our wildlife and pest control franchise business model is the option to open up several different franchise locations in the same general area. Usually, an entrepreneur needs to account for high overhead expenses, unexpected construction costs, licensing, and management requirements. And that’s not even getting into the sales, marketing, and customer service aspects, which require greater attention to detail.

In other words, it’s an uphill hike with very little support if you choose to jump into any industry without a solid business plan. But the good news is that you gain many advantages when you want to get into the humane wildlife control business with a reliable, trustworthy partner like Skedaddle.

We don’t just help you start a business; we help you thrive as a Franchise Owner and make a real difference in the community! On that note, here’s a quick breakdown of the essentials, so you know precisely why investing in a multi-unit pest control franchise with Skedaddle is a fantastic business opportunity that’s too attractive to pass up this year.

Low overhead investment

A Skedaddle wildlife and pest control franchise comes with far less overhead than you might assume, and that’s one of the biggest surprises our new Franchise Owners always enjoy. As in any business, costs go up initially as you get settled into a rhythm and then level off eventually, yet that’s only the ideal scenario. Unforeseen expenses can spring up out of the blue at any time when you’re opening up a new business, even a humane wildlife and pest control business. 

So, we’ve worked hard to refine our franchise business model to minimize overhead and give you maximum value for your initial financial investment. All great businesses know how to keep costs reasonable without sacrificing service quality or cutting corners on materials. At Skedaddle, we take a different approach and give our Franchise Owners a great start with everything they need to begin booking appointments as soon as possible.

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No need to build a standalone, brick-and-mortar facility

Furthermore, you don’t need to construct a building to house the business. As we mentioned above, a Skedaddle pest control franchise is a low overhead business since there’s no need to open up a physical, brick-and-mortar location. We understand that’s how most entrepreneurs approach starting a business, but we already have the processes and partnerships in place to give you the highest chance of success.

When you work with Skedaddle’s team of pest control pros, you’ll have the advantage of decades of experience because we learned the hard way along our journey. Some of the processes we use today took quite a while to refine, and we know that our pest control franchise model works great for first-time entrepreneurs. Best of all, you can open a home-based multi-unit franchise with Skedaddle and manage an entire mobile workforce.

That’s the long story short about our company’s operating model, which doesn’t rely on a physical location, but how do we do it? In short, we leverage technology to our advantage, and not many pest control companies can boast the same. We’re proud of the success our Franchise Owners have enjoyed without the need to open a standalone facility that can quickly become more of a hassle to maintain than you expected.

Opportunity for a more hands-off approach once you grow the business

While you should stay involved in the business early on, another benefit of working with Skedaddle is that you can eventually transition to a semi-absentee franchise ownership model, especially if you want to open a multi-unit wildlife and pest control franchise with many different locations to serve a larger community. Some business owners feel most comfortable starting one Skedaddle franchise. Still, they soon realize how great it is to have automation and technology already in place before they make their first sale.

The idea is that it’s easier to scale a Skedaddle multi-unit franchise because we have the processes to do that in the first place. Some pest control businesses don’t ever reach this level, but our Franchise Owners can grow at scale faster than most. Once you get everything rolling, you’ll notice that the business simply doesn’t need micromanaging or a heavy managerial hand. You and your staff will enjoy full support and training to learn the ins and outs of humane wildlife and pest control.

Sales and marketing assistance

We touched upon the idea that cost can come out of nowhere when you first open a new business. Sales and marketing expenses are ordinary because you need to spend money to expand the company, but you don’t have to get crazy with your marketing budget. In fact, it’s the opposite when you choose to work with Skedaddle, Humane Wildlife Control.

For starters, promoting a new business online should be the first step, yet most entrepreneurs don’t have that kind of expertise or have the time to learn it alone. The usual go-to playbook includes making a bargain website and maybe buying a smattering of ads on social media and search engines like Google and Bing.

That’s fantastic if you understand what that even means, which most people don’t because it requires particular tech expertise. But we’ve refined our franchise business model to include digital marketing and sales training, so you can rest easy that your employees have all of the tools they need to succeed.

Always remember that your workers are the face of your pest control franchise, and they can’t perform well without connecting with the right customers. Without a doubt, the humane pest control business serves a broad market, but customers have to be able to find you in the first place, and we have everything set up and ready to go.

Check out our franchise website to learn more about Skedaddle, including the opportunity to open a multi-unit wildlife and pest control franchise to serve a larger market.

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