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Being an entrepreneur might be your lifelong dream, but it takes more than career ambitions to get a new business off the ground. You have to plan everything from top to bottom and accept that no matter what you do, unexpected setbacks will come along. Sometimes, they’ll seem to happen at the worst possible time, so having a strategy from the get-go is key to a great start. 

Instead of jumping into highly competitive industries like food service or fitness gyms, why not go for a franchise with a proven operating model and a track record of successful launches? One of the best parts about “offbeat” business concepts like pest control franchise opportunities is that there is little to no national competition. You might run into a handful of local competitors and freelancers, but it’s a different story altogether from a national point of view.

What’s an offbeat franchise opportunity?

We consider any unique, creative, and innovative business an offbeat franchise opportunity. Most people assume that the franchise model only works for major brands. That’s not really the case because you don’t have to play it safe to be a successful business owner. Honestly, following the crowd blindly will most likely make your journey more complicated than it has to be.

The flip side is that you may come across opportunities that sound too good to be true. That’s why it’s always best to work with an established company because it will already have a refined startup process in place. Always be wary of a franchise offer with a low initial investment and wild promises of extreme – and easy to rake in – profits. No new business is easy to grow right away, but if you go for an offbeat concept, you can get off the ground sooner, especially if your niche of choice doesn’t have a lot of competition, like a pest control franchise for sale. 

Risk versus reward – How to maximize your chances of a successful launch with a unique business idea

You have to strike a balance to be successful as a new Franchise Owner. It always comes down to a risk-reward analysis that takes everything into account, from the financing to the day-to-day operational procedures and the unexpected twists and turns. Although the trick is to make sure your offbeat business is viable because having no competition alone won’t guarantee results. You have to find a narrow market without being too ambitious and trying to serve customers that don’t actually exist.

For instance, you might come across a truly unique restaurant concept serving fusion cuisine no one’s ever heard of. The food tastes great, looks terrific, the location is even better, and you buy in believing it’s a sure-fire win. Restaurants like this launch all the time, and few – if any – eventually succeed? But why? What’s the problem with being different while offering a great product too?

At a glance, there’s nothing wrong with being brave and bold enough to push boundaries and traditions, but you can’t push the envelope too far and offer something that doesn’t have a real market. An offbeat franchise will still have an identifiable customer base and a problem that clearly needs a solution. These days, early movers almost always gain an edge over their competition if they innovate processes, leverage technology, listen to their customers, and provide outstanding customer service. A Skedaddle franchise opportunity checks all of those boxes and more.

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Why is humane pest control the way to go?

Opening up a Skedaddle franchise is a one-of-a-kind chance to be an entrepreneur, but it’s also remarkable because you’ll have almost no competition from a national perspective. No one else is doing the humane pest control business like we are, and it’s not an accident. We support our Franchise owners like no other and have a workflow in place to determine the viability of the business. 

Most of the time, people assume that pest control involves killing animals on sight, and that’s just not the case in the real world. Humane pest control is an alternative to using poisons, traps, or getting rid of the animals by other means. Controlling the pests should also include securing the property too. Unfortunately, pest control businesses may not offer such a service even though they may know it’s necessary. It doesn’t take an animal a lot of room to squeeze through holes in exterior walls or roofs.

What makes Skedaddle offbeat?

Ideally, you want to take care of pests once and for all, preventing them from returning because the reasons animals enter a property are pretty simple. They’re looking for shelter, food, or just a place to hang out away from natural predators. We consider everything at Skedaddle and don’t only provide a one-time service that we know you’ll keep needing month after month. We differentiate ourselves by giving homeowners a solution to a persistent problem, and we work with them afterward by providing easy-to-follow tips to keep the critters out.

After all, animals have rights too, and a significant proportion of people prefer humane pest control over outright killing nuisance animals like raccoons. You might not assume so at first, but not immediately killing pests is a great way to differentiate services. And really, it’s offbeat ideas like this that shine brightest when you see that you’ll make a genuine difference. We have the technology and the franchise business model you need to get off the ground and become a successful entrepreneur in a wide-open industry like humane pest control.

Check out our franchise website for more details about Skedaddle, including the benefits of starting a business with little to no national competition.

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