Chris Proctor and Neil Loftus Open Wildlife Control Franchise in Orangeville, Ontario!

Wildlife control Franchise Owner Chris Proctor

During a recent interview, our newest Skedaddle Owners, Chris Proctor and Neil Loftus, discussed how they got involved with our wildlife control franchise and where they expect to go from this point onward. It was a fascinating look into why more investors are getting on board with pest control businesses. 

No matter how you look at it, the business opportunity is certainly there. All you need to do is take that initial leap of faith and make a genuine commitment to humane pest control, which is something sorely lacking in many communities that rely on outdated, trap-and-kill methods. Nevertheless, here’s what Chris and Neil had to say about their journey as Skedaddle franchise investors and why you should consider joining the family too.

How did you first learn about Skedaddle?

CHRIS –We learned about Skedaddle through a military connection. Neil’s superior officer Jordan had purchased a Skedaddle franchise in London, Ontario, so Jordan and his partner Ruben highly recommended that Neil find a partner and start his own franchise.”

What do you look forward to most about owning your own Skedaddle franchise?

NEIL – “Being a part of the community. There is a sense of pride in helping someone in need, and being able to leave a customer’s house knowing that you have solved a big problem for them is a real sense of accomplishment.

CHRIS – “Freedom and the idea that all of our hard work will now show up on our bottom line and not someone else’s!”

Which industry have you worked in prior to discovering the Skedaddle franchise opportunity?

NEIL – “I come from the Armed Forces. As part of the Canadian Air Force, I was stationed in Halifax, and most currently, I’m posted in Hamilton. Chris has worked in the telecommunication industry in the Orangeville area.”

What were some challenges you faced in your previous career that you think will make you a successful entrepreneur?

CHRIS – “Coming from the telecommunication industry, the challenges are very diverse, meaning that nothing is really cookie cutter. Annually I deal with a large number of people and businesses. Whether on a repair or an install, I deal with the customer’s specific needs and ensure that I leave them happy at the end of my visit.”

“Being able to deal with the public is not always easy, but it’s a transferable skill that Neil and I will bring to our business and will help us in our transition. Neil’s military background will help to keep us organized. He has been in recruitment for the past several years, and the skills he has learned on the job will be huge in helping us make those big sales.”

Why did you choose the home services industry over a different one like the restaurant industry?

NEIL – “Restaurants are a big risk and expensive to open. The Skedaddle wildlife control franchise will be an easy transition for us. As mentioned, the support system in place is very reassuring. Knowing that experts like Corey [Lewis, Director of Technical Operations]  are a phone call or a Zoom away – and are able to assist with any question or complicated job – goes a long way! We have lots of transferable skills that will help us succeed locally, but without the support from 30 years of expertise, we would definitely struggle.”

What initially attracted you to Skedaddle’s business model?

NEIL – “Skedaddle’s business model is already set up for success! They have a great support system in place and over 30 years of experience to back that up. From the call center to all of the experts that are a part of the Skedaddle Team, we will never feel alone on the job.”

“They are the best for a reason, so to us, it was glaringly obvious that they set themselves apart from others in the industry. There are also plenty of other opportunities under the Skedaddle brand like Christmas Lights by Skedaddle and pest control that jump out as great opportunities to earn more revenue and build our business.”

Wildlife control franchise Business owner freedom

Does the franchise model also align with your values, career goals, and commitments outside of the business?

NEIL – “Skedaddle is the right fit for us because it offers us the flexibility of work-life balance.  We are both family-first guys, and the biggest thing when we met Bill [Dowd, Skedaddle President & CEO] and [Skedaddle COO] Barry Dowd and all of the Skedaddle team was that sense of family. We felt very comfortable speaking with Bill and Barry throughout the entire process.”

What did you like about meeting Bill Dowd and his executive support team? Was there anything in particular that you two enjoyed about Discovery Day?

CHRIS– “Discovery Day was a great day!  Bill and Barry are very personable people. They welcomed us with open arms, as did all of the great team members. But being able to get out to some job sites and see a sales call really opened our eyes to the potential of earning a good as a humane wildlife control franchise.”

CHRIS– “Bill is very passionate about his brand. He was very engaging when we met, and you could just tell that he gets excited when he talks about his business and how much potential we have as franchise owners to do well. Bill has created something that is certainly well thought out and has backed it up with a great support system based on 30 years of experience.”

As you can see, Chris and Neil are pumped about their new business opportunity, and their energy and passion are undeniable throughout the interview.

If you’d like to learn more about joining the Skedaddle family alongside Chirs and Neil, visit our wildlife control franchise website for additional details.

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