Inside Our Wildlife Franchise Owners’ Holiday Side-Hustle

Wildlife franchise holiday lights

Everybody can benefit from a good side-hustle, even the Franchise Owners of Skedaddle Wildlife Control. When many of our incredibly hard-working wildlife control Franchise Owners aren’t humanely and safely removing uninvited wildlife from inside client homes, they’re decorating the outside! 

Skedaddle is thrilled to offer our Franchise Owners the chance to branch out and focus on different ways to generate income. Full-service holiday lights are one of the best ways to do just that. Hanging holiday lights is a festive, fun process that garners holiday spirit and a sense of community.

Full-Service Holiday Lights with Skedaddle

The holiday season can be incredibly stressful. From hosting parties to participating in school and work events, there is always plenty happening. Putting up lights every year can get overwhelming, and so many of us put it off until the last minute. That’s where Skedaddle Franchise Owners can help.

Unique Custom Decor Designs

If there’s one thing we know at Skedaddle, it’s homes. We spend a lot of time in them and even more time finding clever and effective ways to keep unwanted critters out. Skedaddle is skilled in creating a custom light display for any home, complete with premium LED lights, working with the layout and landscaping of each property. Every job starts with an in-depth consultation, so we can get a good idea of what our clients want design-wise.

Installation and Maintenance

Skedaddle Franchise Owners and every employee on their staff take pride in their work, whether we’re relocating a raccoon or planning a light display. Whether the lights are simple or elaborate, we’ll work with the homes’ custom measurements, always using clips and fasteners to avoid damage.  

Skedaddle also provides maintenance check-ups throughout the season to ensure there has not been any damage due to wind, snow, or ice. We want your lights to look their best, no matter the weather.

Commercial and Residential Locations

Skedaddle is’ happy to bring our light display services to both residential and commercial locations. We’ve happily decked the halls for thousands of homeowners and many local businesses, parks, and events. 

Since we’ve perfected the art of our side-hustle, we’re happy to announce that we can successfully decorate any size home, including rooftop lighting, landscape lighting, and even daytime decor such as greenery like wreaths and garland. We’re happy to handle special requests, and all greenery is pre-lit so that clients can enjoy it during the evening hours as well.

Light Removal

Though many people like to leave holiday decor up to bring them into the new year, it’s not often that holiday lights hold their charm long after that. Skedaddle offers timely removal for all of our holiday decor, and safe storage, so clients don’t have to worry about a thing! We’ll take down every decoration, including clips and fasteners, and organize it all accordingly.

Wildlife franchise holiday lights

Getting Started with Skedaddle Holiday Lights

Though it might seem like a silly statement, holiday lights are an incredibly personal thing. Each person has their own vision of what they want their home to look like during the holidays, and Skedaddle can make your vision come to life.

During your free consultation, which you can book directly from the website via the contact form, our team will be happy to discuss the feeling you want your house to convey this holiday season. From bright and flashy to warm and cozy, we’ve got a festive vibe for every client. 

Accustomed to working in cold weather, our team is ready to go as our customers are happy with the design. As many of our client testimonials can attest to, we work quickly and efficiently. If the weather outside is frightful, we’ll contact you to let you know if our team will be there as scheduled or if we have to move to another day that works for you. Safety first!

Bringing People Together for the Holidays

Skedaddle is thrilled to provide our time and skills to something that brings people together during the most wonderful time of the year. We believe that holiday decorations provide both literal and figurative light when the days are short and the year draws to an end. 

Not everyone wants to go over the top with their holiday exhibit, which makes Christmas Lights by Skedaddle so amazing. Our Professional Holiday Decorators look forward to creating a light display that you love.

Holiday lights set the background for beautiful memories and times with family and friends. We pride ourselves on helping our commercial and residential clients create a sense of togetherness for the holidays through both family and community festive gatherings.

For Franchise Owners: A Second, Seasonal Revenue Stream

If you own a Skedaddle franchise, then you know how incredible it is to be in the line of serving customers that genuinely need your help. The humane removal of unwanted critters in and around homes and businesses is crucial to every community. Hanging holiday lights creates a seasonal revenue stream that is just as gratifying from a job well done and a customer service perspective. 

Here are the benefits of professional decorating seasonal revenue for Skedaddle Franchise Owners:

  • Increased cash flow
  • Maintaining presence within the community
  • Keeping up with the rising cost of living
  • Increased advertisement opportunities for your Skedaddle business as a whole
  • Network with past, present, and potential clients for both sides of the business
  • Diversify your income sources

When you allow your Skedaddle Franchise to branch out into holiday decor, you’re staying true to the Skedaddle brand and allowing your business to remain at the forefront of people’s minds during the busiest time of the year. Skedaddle is in the business of customer service in that we offer honest and necessary services to every community in which we reside. 

If you’ve been looking for a way to increase your yearly income while staying true to helping those that need assistance, hanging holiday lights is the key. Skedaddle’s full-service holiday light decorating is the perfect option for Franchise Owners to expand their services, client lists, service area, and so much more. Visit our franchise website for more information!

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