Humane Wildlife Removal Techniques Are on the Rise

Humane Wildlife Removal Techniques are on the Rise - 1

Whether you have raccoons in your chimney, bats in your attic, or birds nesting in your vents, if you have animals where you don’t want them, you have wildlife removal options that weren’t available to homeowners decades ago. Rather than settling for a wildlife control company using outdated methods that are cruel to the animals and offer no long-term solution to the problem, we can rely on humane wildlife management services.

And much of that is due to Bill Dowd and our dedicated team here at Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control Franchise. By constructing and installing permanent wildlife and pest protection solutions, Skedaddle wildlife control provides customers with peace of mind regarding their most significant asset, their homes.

What’s a “Critter Gritter”?

Trappers were usually the earliest “critter gritters” to assist homeowners in wildlife encounters. State wildlife agencies have often enlisted their help to respond to the growing number of calls from homeowners regarding wildlife harassment as suburbs expand into wildlife habitats. Their early wildlife removal tactics were often fatal to the animal, so an emphasis on humane wildlife removal has increased. On the other hand, homeowners’ problems are rarely fixed for a long time because the triggering problem (that attracted animals or allowed access to the house’s interior) was never diagnosed or repaired.

Humane Wildlife Removal Techniques are on the Rise - 2

Humane wildlife management providers like us at Skedaddle know the natural history, biology, and behavior of affected animals and apply the most appropriate techniques to treat the species. This allows us to develop and use long-term solutions. They define the critical circumstances that contribute to the conflict, assess the damage, and assess other things, such as whether there are dependent offspring. In such cases, the timing of intervention is critical, and special equipment and techniques are in place to prevent wildlife families from being separated. Armed with this vital information, the plan is put into action. And the job is only complete once the results are evaluated, and repairs are made to prevent animals from re-entering the home.

As wildlife awareness has grown, some states have enacted laws to protect certain species from inhumane wildlife removal practices. But wherever you live, the choice is yours. By finding the right home protection provider, you can always choose a more innovative, humane approach to solving wildlife intrusion problems.

Hiring a humane wildlife management provider can solve the problems caused by using failed methods of the past.

We Got a Nice Shout Out

Many people have to call someone to set a live trap when they have a wildlife problem on their property and then take the animal to land out of sight. While it may solve the situation in the short term, Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, a wildlife and pest removal franchise that prevents wildlife problems in homes, believes that the approach above is poor when it comes to protecting homes.

Because of our outstanding success, Skedaddle was recently recognized in 1851 Franchise for being head and shoulders above other wildlife removal companies. Contributor Katie Porter details our humane wildlife control franchise and how we’re reshaping the wildlife removal industry.

The beginning of the article talks about how Bill Dowd founded the company in 1989 because he recognized the need for a serious and professional urban wildlife control company. Very early on, he focused the business on humane ways to remove the animals and prevent them from reentering a home.

Why was he so focused on this type of wildlife removal and relocation?

Humane Wildlife Removal Techniques are on the Rise - 3

Because the trapping method creates two serious issues: It rips families apart, usually leaving the rest of them somewhere nearby without thinking about how the critters got into the house in the first place.

“That’s just not what we do here at Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control,” explained Bill Dowd, founder, and CEO of the franchise, which has grown to be the top pest control franchise in North America. “Very few companies do what we do; we are unique in our hands-on removal techniques. But more importantly, and what makes the most of our revenue, is animal-proofing the structure with a lifetime guarantee.”

She then goes on to detail more of our techniques like how by humanely removing the entire family unit from the structure, the company is compassionate towards the animals and completely eliminates the owner’s problem.

We’ve grown to become an animal control industry superstar because of the innovative and merciful ways we deal with pesky woodland critters. We also work exceptionally close with humane societies and the locals in our communities to educate them on better ways to deal with wildlife issues.

But we’re not just here for when there is an ongoing problem. We can be called in as a preemptive measure! Our wildlife prevention means can and will keep those animals out before they even consider making a home in your attic.

Most of our focus is to protect the facility from animals so the problem doesn’t persist. We also offer a lifetime warranty on Skedaddle’s work and are known in Canada and the United States as a name you can trust.

We offer four different service agreements: wildlife, pest control, attic insulation, and professional Christmas decorating. Yes, you read that right, we do holiday light decorating! And it’s proven to be a wild success for us. It allows our Franchise Owners to be successful throughout the year and inject a little cheer into their local communities.

Bill went on to add, “There is a need for this business in every urban area. People mistakenly believe these animals are confined to rural areas, but that’s not the case.”

If you think owning a Skedaddle Humane Wildlife and Pest Removal Franchise is the perfect new business opportunity for you, let’s talk! Visit our website to find out more about this incredible franchise ownership opportunity.

“As we continue to grow, we are extremely confident that we’re going to be an industry disruptor in any market we open up into, and we’re going to be the best in that city,” Dowd said.