Exterminator Secrets: What Your Normal Pest Exterminator Won’t Tell You

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The benefits of humane wildlife control are numerous, although you may not know them off the top of your head. On the flip side, most of us know the basic services that a normal exterminator can provide. So, the question is this: don’t they do the same job and get the same results? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case because “traditional” pest control companies often won’t tell you certain things. 

But why? Why wouldn’t they do a more thorough job and keep you in the dark? It’s basically because they want to keep your business and may cut corners or tell half-truths about what to do after they finish the job – and there lies the problem with going the usual route. Old pest control methods are only so effective, if at all, as the situation progresses to an entire infestation. When this happens, home repair costs can add up to the point where you seriously start to consider moving rather than constantly battling pests.

Nevertheless, you can actually get out in front of the problem if you know a few well-kept secrets in the exterminator business. Here’s a short list of what we came up with to explain what we mean in more detail. Ultimately, a traditional pest control company falls short way too often, considering how much they charge per visit for their services.

Secret #1 – You don’t really need chemicals to get rid of pests

This is one of the most persistent myths in the exterminator business. The technical reasons why are beyond the scope of this particular article, but the bottom line remains the same. You don’t have to use harsh chemicals to get rid of pests! In fact, using too many chemicals – or the wrong kind of treatments – can actually do more harm than good. We’re sure that many pest control companies will say that they always use safe methods, yet that belies the fact that they are still using harmful substances.

There is any number of things that can go wrong. First, how do you know that the pests won’t track chemicals throughout the property if they don’t die right away? Second, what happens if you have pets and they contact treated surfaces? And last, do you really want children accidentally coming into contact with chemicals that you have no idea whether or not they’re toxic to the touch? After all, there’s a reason why a traditional pest controller uses gloves when spraying poison.

We believe homeowners shouldn’t have to worry about questions like this, so our pest control business for sale doesn’t rely on chemical methods. Instead, we’re a pest control franchise that only performs humane wildlife removal, which brings us to the next myth.

Secret #2 – You don’t have to kill pests to keep them from returning

You also don’t have to kill pests to keep them from returning, but that’s exactly what someone might advise. Maybe those kinds of pest control techniques used to suffice; however, we have more options and technology available today. If you have a severe mice problem in the winter, it could be that the furry little critters keep getting into the home in areas you can’t see.

For instance, you may have holes beneath roof shingles small enough for a mouse to squeeze through them. The only way you can tell that’s part of the problem is to climb into the attic and inspect the area. An ordinary pest controller won’t do that most of the time, and the standard playbook is to lay traps and poison strips.

The alternative is to inspect the home’s exterior for points of ingress and identify other factors that could attract pests. As a quick example, a damp basement is just asking for a bug infestation if you don’t address the moisture problem. Those bugs might be a plentiful food source for other critters who break into the home.

Exterminator Secrets

Secret #3 – Pest control doesn’t require multiple visits

Having said that, removing pests shouldn’t require multiple visits if you address the problem thoroughly. If you don’t protect the property from nuisance animals, they’ll keep returning to the same places because it’s only natural. So, the usual answer is to poison everything every few weeks until the pests leave the premises, but why is that even necessary?

As a homeowner, you deserve a fair shake when it comes to pest control services. If a job will only take one visit, the professional you trust needs to be honest about it. The problem is that many aren’t very forthright about how to fix the problem, but we take a different approach at Skedaddle home protection franchise.

How Is Skedaddle Different from the Usual Pest Control Franchises?

We use humane wildlife control methods, for starters, and we don’t use harsh chemicals to accomplish our goals. After all, what’s the point of removing pests when you can’t prevent them from returning to the same place? That’s really what sets us apart from the usual fare.

We drill down to the root of the problem at Skedaddle and thoroughly inspect the home for entry points or anything else that could be attracting bugs and nuisance animals. We’ve already touched upon a few tips above, so if you’d like to learn more, we’re waiting to take your call!

Check out our franchise website for more information about a Skedaddle pest control franchise.

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