Day in the Life of a Skedaddle Franchise Owner!

As a Skedaddle franchise owner, you can be hands-on daily in the business. Not every entrepreneur can say the same since many don’t necessarily have to deal with daily operations. Still, it’s always best for owner-operators like you to learn the pest control business backward and forward, exemplifying the work ethic you want to instill in your employees. After all, if you don’t set the bar high, how can you expect workers to follow your lead?

The good news is that running a Skedaddle franchise is more straightforward than other franchise opportunities since the company has a proven business model. You’ll never be left in the dark because Skedaddle supports our newest owner-operators and helps them get the business off the ground. But if you’re not very familiar with the humane pest control industry, it’s OK to feel a little apprehensive about your daily routine, so here’s what you can expect.

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Meeting with customers for estimates

Step one is giving potential customers accurate, honest estimates of how much it’ll cost to remove pests. The relationships you build with clientele are vital to a successful launch because you’ll need the “word of mouth” publicity to let the community know you’re available. In many parts of the country, humane pest control businesses are entirely new, so don’t expect everyone to know the ins and outs of how Skedaddle is different from pest control companies that only exterminate pests.

When you meet with customers face to face, you get a chance to demonstrate the value proposition of Skedaddle’s unique services. It’s a great chance to differentiate yourself while building credibility one client at a time. You’d be surprised how much you can benefit from a single referral, especially if you’re opening a franchise in a small, tight-knit rural community. You also get the opportunity to see how potential clients feel about humane wildlife removal and the objections they might have. Both facets are crucial to growing the business one customer at a time.

Not only that, but when you meet with clients, you put a face to the business. Customers respond well when they know that they’re dealing with real people who take pride in their work. Sometimes, franchise owners hide behind their brands and don’t put in the extra time to ensure that customers see them as more than just a logo. Indeed, the personal touch makes Skedaddle different because we genuinely care about customer satisfaction and humane wildlife removal.

Performing wildlife control

On the flip side, when you go to a customer’s home, you get a chance to learn the wildlife control trade firsthand. The experience you’ll earn is invaluable to expanding the business because you’ll need to demonstrate leadership when things don’t precisely proceed as planned. At the end of the day, you’re working on someone else’s property, so customers need to trust your expertise since they may not know the benefits of humane pest control.

You get the chance to explain how Skedaddle doesn’t just kill animals outright and call it a day. You get to show them how you evaluate the property to identify potential entry points and food sources. It doesn’t take much of an opening for small rodents to penetrate the home and settle in for the winter, so you have to be able to explain the root of the problem. Skedaddle will be the best choice because you can personally walk the property with the customer and show them where the issues are. You can’t do that in other businesses where you don’t need to visit the customer’s home, but that’s not all you can expect. 

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Collecting contracts, deposits, and
final payment

Depending on your business background, you might be the most comfortable collecting contracts, deposits, and final payments, especially if you started your career in the corporate world. That experience is invaluable, but if you don’t have experience organizing invoices and payroll, Skedaddle’s team doesn’t let you flounder. Our technology on the backend makes it easier to manage back-office tasks that are typically the most time-consuming. This way, you’ll have more time to get out into the community and make yourself known.

The alternative is to handle everything, print out paperwork, answer phone calls manually, and juggle priorities. The problem is that it’s easy to overlook nuances and make mistakes when billing customers. When that happens, it can set you back because customers may assume that you don’t care to provide good service. Of course, the opposite is true because you’re part of the Skedaddle family! The challenge is handling everything a customer needs to feel satisfied, including the billing and payments side of the business.

Managing employees

Lastly, you’ll have the chance to learn how to manage a workforce; for many, this part of the job is the most exciting. If you’re comfortable talking to people, you shouldn’t have problems communicating value propositions to customers and motivating employees. Still, we understand that you may not have any experience managing workers, but think of it as a learning opportunity. If you’re new in town, you’ll have to educate workers from the ground up, so you’ll need to take on a training role as you build your staff. 

But once you train everyone in standard procedures and humane wildlife removal techniques, you can move on to a managerial role. Every business needs a robust and reliable leader to give employees direction daily. Otherwise, your workers won’t know what you expect of them in the field. The good news is that Skedaddle will help you learn the basics of managing employees when you need help in the beginning.

Ultimately, a day in the life of a Skedaddle Franchise Owner is exciting and challenging, with plenty of opportunities to grow as a person, not only a business owner. Visit our franchise website to learn more about joining the Skedaddle family.