Not a Creature Was Stirring…Not Even a Mouse: Critter-Proof Your Home for the Holidays

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It’s cold outside, and the mice want in. Sadly, if you see one mouse in your house, there are usually several more hiding somewhere. And if that isn’t bad enough, mice are able to reproduce every 21 days! 

With that said, within a year, two mice reproducing could result in 5,000 mice in a single home. Yikes! If you need help with animal proofing your home, Skedaddle is the #1 wildlife control company to call. Our critter control Franchise Owners are kept busy all year round, offering humane wildlife removal solutions for people who love animals…just not in their houses!

About Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control was established in 1989 to provide humane wildlife control solutions to homeowners. President and CEO Bill Dowd believed there had to be better ways than the cruel and ineffective methods used at the time. From this conviction, his dream of a humane service for wildlife control was born.

We are committed to pioneering a new standard for humane pest control practices, focusing on protecting human health and the environment.

Customers want to know that the animals in their homes aren’t trapped or killed, but they also want assurance that they won’t return! Skedaddle provides humane, harmless wildlife management and gives wild animals a better quality of life. 

What Makes a Skedaddle Critter Control Franchise a Good Investment?

Suppose you are thinking about starting an animal control business. In that case, there are several reasons to consider investing in a Skedaddle Franchise. Here are some of the key benefits:

Franchise Owners frequently get publicity on local TV and radio segments, which builds their local business.

Skedaddle has been in business for over 30 years with critter control franchise locations in Canada and the U.S.

Skedaddle Franchises continue to create high-ticket income by delivering value-added services such as seal-off and damage restoration

As humans continue to build in wildlife habitats, the need for wildlife cleanup will grow, and wildlife control is a recession-proof enterprise.

Skedaddle is wholly committed to providing intensive training and continuous assistance to new business owners.

Our Franchise Owners matter to us. Our Founder and the rest of the Skedaddle team provide help from pre-qualification through signing the franchise agreement.

How Much Money Can I Make?

When thinking about opening a business, one of the first questions is, how much money can I make? How much money do you need to take control of your future? 

Skedaddle offers a low investment opportunity of $89,000. Average gross sales run $380,684 annually with an average net profit of $175,081.* So, as you can see, it is a low investment with a high return. *As stated in our 2022 FDD.

Skedaddle also offers financial assistance through Benetrends. We’ve teamed up with Benetrends, the nation’s premier small business funding agency, to help new Franchise Owners finance their dreams now!

Starting a wildlife franchise with Skedaddle offers low startup costs and significant earning possibilities.

Our Services

At Skedaddle, we pride ourselves on humane animal removal and never use dangerous methods like traps, poisons, or baits. Instead, our Wildlife Technicians will compassionately and strategically remove all adults and their babies using sophisticated hand-on procedures.

Contamination Removed Professionally

The animal removal approach used by Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is humane, safe, and dependable. We remove and clean any contaminated material that could pose a significant health concern as part of our process.

Depending on the severity of contamination, your Wildlife Technician may recommend cleaning and clearing techniques such as insulation repair and attic restoration. This instruction will assist in keeping your home safe for you and your family.

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3-Step Pest Control

Our 3-step pest control process:

Identify and eliminate we will determine the type of pest problem you have and create a precise treatment plan to eliminate the pests from your house after a thorough inspection. We then treat any home areas identified as entry points, hot spots, or sensitive areas.

Clean and controlwe clean up the pests’ mess and plan how to prevent future infestations. 

Monitor and protectOur pest treatment service includes ongoing monitoring and protecting your family and home from pests. We provide seasonal visits to monitor insect activity and apply preventative treatments to prevent pest problems from occurring.

Our pest control treatments are eco-friendly, and we only use natural repellents and sprays. In addition, we are confident in the quality of our work, to the extent of offering a lifetime guarantee against wildlife reentry in all homes we have worked on.

4 Tips for Critter-Proofing Your Home

With temperatures beginning to drop, cold weather is a sign for animals to find warmth. Unfortunately, the nearest spot could be your house. If you love wild animals but don’t want them living with you, here are four tips for animal proofing your home:

Check the outside of your homeexamine the caulking for any gaps or cracks. Anything that compromises the wall of a house is a way in for mice

Look up in your attickeep an eye out for chewed wires. Because mice are rodents, their teeth are continually chewing. check for small holes in the insulation where mice have burrowed down as well as short tracks over the top

Keep a Clean Garagea dirty garage is an open invitation to mice. So be sure to keep the space clean and clutter-free.

Call in the expertsif you hear noises, you probably have unwanted visitors. Call a humane wildlife professional and deal with them now

Preparing for Cold Weather

As you prepare for fall and winter, raking the leaves, covering the patio furniture, winterizing the sprinkler system, and checking the outside of your home, wildlife is targeting your home. A warm place to sleep and plenty to eat is a wild animal’s dream in winter. Don’t let your home become Club Wildlife this season.

Owning a Skedaddle franchise is a great way to contribute to the cause of compassionate wildlife sustainability. Click here to join the cause!

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